Song Choice of the Day

A Tribe Called Quest – We the people…


We don’t believe you ’cause we the people
I’ll still be in the rear, yo, we don’t need you
You ain’t a killer nor good, young nigga, move
When we get hungry we eat the same fucking food
The ramen noodle
Your simple voodoo is so maniacal, reliable to pull a juju
The irony is that this bad bitch in my lap
She don’t love me, she make bunnies, she gon’ study that
She gon’ give it to me, ain’t gon’ tell me run it back
She gon’ take the brain or weather plain, she spit on that
The doors are signed with, don’t try to rhyme with
VH1 has a show that you could waste your time with
Guilty pleasures take the edge off reality
And for a salary I’d probably do that shit sporadically
The OG Gucci wasn’t spittin’ with iguanas
The IRS piranha see a nigga gettin’ commas
Niggas in the hood living in a fishbowl
Gentrify here, now it’s not a shit hole
Trendsetter, I know, my shit’s cold
I ain’t said it yet because I ain’t so bold but hey yo

All you Black folks, you must go
All you Mexicans, you must go
And all you poor folks, you must go
Muslims and gays, boy, we hate your ways
So all you bad folks, you must go

The fog in the smog of new media that logs
False narratives of guys that came up against the odds
We not just nigga rappers with the bars
It’s kismet that we cosmic with the stars

Song Choice of the Day

Dope DOD – Gatekeepers


[Verse 1: Skits Vicious]
Yo I flow like water, burn like fire
Down to earth whirlwind wilder than your average type of
Chitty chat taxi driver

You wanna get high you better pass the lighter
Let me blast my sniper rifle, bullets
Right through rivals like you, liars
I got the scoop like a Pelican beak
But I keep my gates locked with the skeleton key
I might go to the zoo and set an elephant free
Or slay a vampire like a Sarafan priest
Stakes and garlic, straight retarded
Hate me for it, thats what I love most
I cut throats of all those wack urban rappers
Spinning stab persian daggers
German Shepherds at the entrance gates
We are the keepers the best to date

Hey, yo Jay!

[Verse 2: Jay Reaper]
I got the key from illuminated ones
A couple of guns for anyone who wanna front
A whole lotta knowledge a government task
So if you wanna pass I’mma stop it, and ask
You think you’re the hot shit?
You think you can block rockets
I got some bombs in my pocket

I’m black loch ness, eat niggas like hot pockets
And laugh at the stars like that movie Hot Shots did
I carry heavy loads Im the black smoke from the Lost last episode
But you may never know

I went to hell alone the guards gave me the
Gift of the pharaoh and the Devil’s throne
Guarding the gate with my life and my presence

Secrets I keep from the ruler from heaven
We got 7 secrets and 7 sins
And this is where the end begins

[Verse 3: Dopey Rotten]
I hunt this habitat destroy your battle raft
Fracture your knee caps and take home your weed stash
Gatekeeper no one shall pass
Try to tresspass and I’ll have the last laugh

There’s no breaking the rules cuz we make them
This is the start of a new generation
Forget what used to be, all doubt will be
Wiped out brutally and you will see
All you can do is agree
Don’t wanna see our crew go on a killing spree

Dope, I bring death on the demand
Trying make out on which planet to land
I got the earth in my hand
A new world in the next big bang
A new home you dont get this fam
The god you pray to nah he won’t receive ya
Now ya last hope is the GateKeepers